BluBiz’ Delivery Capability

You can benefit from skills, knowledge and our experience. Our engineers and architects have experience ranging from 15-40 years and each and every member of the team is tertiary qualified.

Our team have worked on some of Australia’s largest customers, developing solutions in Cloud Computing, Security, Data networking and Unified Communications – including Contact Centres and Digital Signage.

What’s covered in Delivery

Build and Deploy

BluBiz will design, build and deploy network, cloud, infrastructure and security services to meet your desired architecture. We will provide end-to-end project management of the activities along with regular reporting to business stakeholders.

Review and Improve

BluBiz offers services to regularly review your environment, recommend improvements and provide necessary training to your staff.

Technology Domains

Cloud & Infrastructure

BluBiz Understands that to survive and thrive in today’s competitive business environment, enterprises must be efficient and agile, ready to capitalise on opportunities and react quickly to market events.

IP & Data Networks

In today's data-dependent world, network speed and reliability are paramount. A secure and reliable network is the key to optimize, simplify and extend the reach of your business.


Today’s digital world has created endless opportunities for businesses and society. However, it also creates vulnerabilities that malicious people seek to exploit, which require adequate attention.

Internet of Things 22


Collaboration Tools merge separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience. Voice, Video-conferencing, messaging, Email, work smoothly with Web collaboration, in one interface

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